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    Tester Vs Regular Bottle of Perfume

    Many people who are shopping for perfume are sometimes confused as to whether to buy original perfume compared to tester. I will attempt to take a holistic view of this topic. For those who may not know. A tester bottles or perfume are specially marked bottles of perfume used at retail store and intended for customer testing of the product to convince the customer to buy the regular or original Bottle or Perfume. My aim is not necessarily to choose sides. Although personally I prefer to buy the regular bottles.

    Most people will tell you that there is absolutely no difference between the two. This is not necessarily true. Let’s consider some characteristics


    The bottling is usually the same but in some cases the testers will not have the lid. Testers also mostly comes in one size, usually the larger sizes. In Box in which testers comes in are sometimes also plain with simpler or no labels rather than the standard box. This makes is sometimes difficult to differentiate between original and fake especially if that is the first time of buying the tester for that perfume. However, the regular perfume is always in a standard packaging and bottle, making it easy to identify a fake buy simply googling for a picture of the perfume.


    The tester perfume as usually cheaper than the regular perfume. This means that you can save some money by buying a tester perfume. This is because the testers are not packaged like the regular perfumes and sometimes they might even be opened. The regular is always properly packaged and sealed nicely with the cap and all bells and whistles in place


    Testers tends to be stronger in terms of scent and therefore lasts longer. Take an example, you walk to Sephora or Macy’s or The Bay and see the tester perfumes available. You spray it on your skin, cloth or smell paper and you love it, you go home, and the scent remains on your skin for more than 10hrs. However, in some situations when you buy the bottle it does not perform as well. This is because some brands make their testers a little stronger. This is not to deceive you but to help you experience the scent longer and remember it.

    Genuine vs Fake

    Although both original and testers can be victims of counterfeiting. It is very easy to identify the fake regular perfume if you are a little vigilant. On the other hand, the because tester perfumes might not come in the original box and sometimes opened or unboxed. It can be very difficult to spot the difference between an original tester and a fake one. Always buy regular or original perfume in it’s complete packaging and sure that properly packaged. For more information about identifying authentic regular perfumes, check this link. Do not buy tester perfumes and even original perfumes from eBay.

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