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    Why Every Mom needs a Shapewear in thier closset

    Being a mom is the most beautiful thing. However, with all the beauty comes the “trophy” of child birth. This “trophy” makes a lot of women unhappy with their bodies. This is mainly attributed the fact that they gain weight which is mostly centred around the tummy and waist-line and other changes that comes with pregnancy.

    Shapewear and waist trainers are what most moms turns to after giving birth as a way to boost their confidence. We at Globofam are a strong advocate for shapewear because we believe that a beautiful thing as having baby should not come at the expense of your confidence and self-esteem. However, we believe that confidence must always start from within and every mom should enjoy their post-pregnancy body without shame  or apology to anyone because bringing a baby into the world is a miraculous thing.

    With that said Shapewear can make you look slender and gorgeous in  that cocktail dress, work clothes, jeans or T-Shirt and  an effective way to enhance your natural beauty, confidence and be a part of your fitness journey.

    So if we are ready to take a look at some of the reasons why every mom needs a shapewear.

    Confidence booster:

    Many at times we find that your own perception plays havoc with your general self of being. You’ll start to question if that dress really look as good as you previously thought. This is generally true after giving birth and finding the impetus to do so can be tough. With top quality shapewear, though, such issues can become a thing of the past in an instant!

    Shapewear boosts confidence

    The above picture of Tina Fey's hilarious strip-down as she said farewell to David Letterman. This is to say that even the celebrites we know of look amazing and confident because of Shapewear. Most women only know of Corsets and Cincher and may complain that they are too tight. You can try the bodysuit or highwaisted shorts

    Kim looking good in her Cincher

    Improves your Posture

    Properly fitted shapewear can greatly improve your posture and the way you walk; eg. is our posture correction bra. thus giving you and over-all sleeker physique. Good posture contributes to body appearance and increases one’s feeling of wellbeing and may even offer health benefits.

    Slimming of the Body

    The question of whether shapewear can actually make you loose weight has been debated over the years. The science is based on a neoprene band. These bands when worn around the waist can apparently rid you of the stomach fat it covers, quickly without great effort. However, choosing the right shapewear is very important. With the wrong shapewear, excess fat can be pushed up over the waistband of the bikini pant creating a “muffin top” look. Although, shapewear as in waistband can help you shed some weight fast we believe it should be use together with excessing. It should be worn for the look by taking advantage of minimizers that give the body an appearance of thinner and slender look. However, for permanent result it should be combined with the gym.

    Finally, top quality shapewear are very important, it can make a huge impact on the way that your body looks. Shapewears are a cost-effective solution to help you get a better appearance, and to help complement a healthy lifestyle.

    Mixed with trips to the gym and a general approach of healthy living, , exercising, right supplements and eating right, shapewear can make a tremendous difference to your well-being, self-belief and general mannerism.

    Quality Shapewear Never Hurts

    We care immensely not only about how you look, but how you feel inside. Thanks to our top quality shapewear, you can be sure that you are left with a snug-fitting, comfortable piece of clothing.

    It should never feel uncomfortable, like it’s digging into you. Our products are made from high quality fabrics, helps to avoid breathing difficulties, dizziness, excessive perspiration and discomfort. Quality shapewear should help you look good without harming your ability to operate normally.

    Getting the Right Shapewear Size

    Buying anything online can be a tricky thing. However, thanks to our comprehensive size chart, you can measure yourself to get the perfect fit. Be realistic in your measurements and expectations. You cannot count on shapewear to smooth out lumps completely, although there will be some improvement.

    Also going a size down for a shapewear will not always help you zip yourself into a smaller dress. Some women go a size down in their dress sizes to get firm look, this is not recommended as it might cause bulges which might make you looker bigger and it can be very uncomfortable.

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